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Moving Home Checklist

There are lots of things to do in the days and weeks before you move home. From arranging removal vans through to taking meter readings, you'll have plenty of things to remember.

Here’s a handy checklist of things to do and people to notify when you move out of your old home and into your new Taylor Wimpey home.

4 Weeks To Go

  • Arrange removal vans.
  • Check your home contents insurance policy for cover at your new address during your move.
  • Arrange for water, electric, gas, telephone and other accounts to be finalized.
  • Book an electrician and plumber if required to disconnect and refit appliances from your old address to your new address.
  • Notify your dentist and doctor for your medical records to be transferred to your new practices.
  • Start collecting suitable packing boxes if they are not provided by the removal company and pack what is required.
  • Create a system of identifying packing boxes which will need to be opened first (by numbering or colour code) and label all boxes clearly with their contents and in which room they belong.
  • Inform your employer of your move, confirming whether you require time off work.

2 Weeks To Go

  • Arrange for the Post Office to redirect your mail.
  • Change of address with:

  • Bank/Building Society, insurance companies, premium Bonds and other savings certificates, credit card companies and store accounts.
  • Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre and mortgage organisations.
  • Inland Revenue, Local Council Office, Social Security Office.
  • Clubs and other memberships, newsagents/magazine and other subscriptions.

1 Week To Go

  • Confirm moving arrangements with van hire or removal firm.
  • Clearly label any items you are leaving behind and remove any fixed objects not included in your sale.
  • Collect up all keys for your existing property.
  • Make sure loft, garden shed and other storage places have been cleared out.
  • Advise your solicitor of the time of your move so they can ensure all completion money is with the builder prior to your arrival on site to collect your keys.

1 Day To Go

  • Defrost fridge and freezer; alternatively switch to maximum if you are taking them with you.
  • Complete packing except for clothing and overnight toiletries etc. and food and drink needed for the moving day.
  • Turn off central heating and all electrical appliances.

Moving Day

  • Make a note of gas, water and electric meter readings.
  • Check all storage spaces and lock all windows and doors.
  • Leave keys as arranged with new owners.
  • Collect your keys from the sales office.
  • proof's in the pudding

    Completely over the moon with the time and effort Kevin has put into the sale of our house. Only 3 weeks on the market and several viewers before a firm offer was accepted. Remarkable at this time of year!! I would recommend anyone thinking of moving to give Kevin a call. It's been a pleasure:-)

    John McKinlay - Seller 2016

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