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Ayrshire property experts

Our home is the most expensive asset most of us have to deal with. At KA Homesales it is our objective to achieve the best internet presence for your home, while at the same time deliver an exceptional, traditional & personal service. We are an enthusiastic and personable local company who are committed to the local community. We embrace new technology and are always looking for the next sexy new product to showcase your home.

2015 was a very busy year for KA Homesales and they have been selling the homes more quickly than they have been coming onto the market. The result is that there is a shortage of available homes now. The majority of the homes in the KA portfolio are in Kilwinning although anywhere in Ayrshire can receive their personal attention.

If you are unsure as to how the market is where you live and would like a free valuation of your home, call 01294 552200 or pop in and enjoy a coffee in our office at 95 Main Street, Kilwinning.


KA Homesales began trading from their Main Street premises in April 2014 and have quickly become established amongst North Ayrshire’s recognisable Estate Agents.

Indeed the lead Estate Agent and owner, Kevin Hand is a name that will be familiar to many who have used his services to buy and sell over the years.

The small team specialise in bringing the personal approach to Home Selling but also specialise in making the house pictures look great and presenting them where most people are looking for their new home; Online.

“I have been involved in property since early 2007, selling houses in Ayrshire as an associate with the Remax Offices in Irvine and Dalry. I received amazing training while with Remax, the world’s foremost Estate Agency and bring that training and expertise to bear in the local market now” - Kevin Hand.


Our phones are always on, weekends and evening and our staff are available when the buyers wish to view. We do not want to miss a single call and our systems are set up to respond to every enquiry.

As Estate Agent's, we believe that it is essential to have professional person at the point of Sale, i.e. the Home for sale. Almost none of our competitors do this, despite it being the norm for almost every other country in the world. That means that our competitors are charging an estate agency fee while you are doing the physical sales work.

Ask any buyer and they will tell you that they can relax more and spend more time during a viewing with the estate agent. They are uncomfortable and feel they are hampering the seller and their family in their routine. It is well documented that an agent at the viewings is better for all as the professional can usually get a better price for your home.


We specialise in finding solutions and removing barriers to sale which has become extremely important for any Estate Agents during the last few years.

We have determined that communication is the key to an efficient agency both for the staff and the clients. That means we are always looking for ways to facilitate the house sale, particularly after the house sale is agreed.

As we are fully independent that means we are as interested in the sale completing as the vendors.

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